FeedBack Needed

Hi Everyone,

I have a few projects that am working on and would like some feedback and suggestion if you may.

1) ThenTagIt Mobile App
2) Channel Buster App
3) E-yolo which I launch a Kickstarter Campaign for

I think there all great ideas, but getting traction or people to even check out my links is so difficult. I’ve try many different avenue so I must be doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions

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  1. Tim says:
    July 7, 2013 at 8:24 am

    I’m going to come at this from the other direction, from somnoee who makes videos:There’s a rule I use to tell when to make a video or not from legendary animator Chuck Jones: One shouldn’t be able to tell what was happening on screen if you’re only listening to the audio. Or in other words show, don’t talk. If talking about it gets the idea across (or better yet, printed words that I can read faster or just skim) then do not make a video. When I do make videos I assume that no one wants to watch them or will watch them begrudgingly. I also assume they might watch them without audio. (At work, etc.)This means:a) Duplicate as much of the video as possible on a web page somewhere. Don’t make a video as a time saving way of doing a blog post. A worth-while video is a supplement to the main content and will take additional effort to make. (I found it kind of infuriating that you didn’t post any text with this video, though I know you did it for effect. You -made- me watch the video and I kind of resent that. I’d like to have the option.)b) Don’t try to do everything in the video, just the stuff that needs demonstrating. It’s a teaser and if somnoee wants more information they can visit the damn web page which will have longer text and photos. c) Make it as short as possible. Edit as tight as possible. Cut out anything that isn’t necessary to the video. They can watch it twice if they need to, but don’t make everyone else drag through it. If you have a big monologue either demonstrate what you’re talking about or summarize and put the rest on a web page. I shoot for 3 minutes max, depending on the subject. I’m not saying don’t do video, because there have been times when a short video has completely enlightened me in ways that photos and text didn’t. Bill Hammack’s Engineer Guy Videos are great examples of all of these. He gets to the basic, correct explanation quickly and uses videos to demonstrate, what words alone would be difficult to get a cross. But of you want the full explanation buy his book.(I’m not an online video expert yet, but I have close to 2 million views between YouTube and Vimeo which is hopefully worth something.)

    • admin says:
      January 19, 2014 at 8:59 pm

      Thanks for the suggestion and info.


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